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There are reasons to go on, there'll be seasons in the sun
There will be a new hello, a new smile will heal our wounds
There'll be laughter after rain, just as stories always end
A new will start again, only scars will still remain

And ist you and I we, wem ade our way to go alone again
Our roads were meeting to divide again
We've been travelling on it hand in hand
Now here's the crossing and you go left and I go right

We went through storms in open fields
Narrow streets of cobble stone
We've been tearing down the highway, we kissed the wind on 101
Once the Sunset, once the Broadway, once sandy tracks in the sun

Don't turn around, come on go ahead
Don't turn around, please don't say one more word
We've got to go now, we've got to part
Goodbye ist he only but hardest word

The songs we sang together, has no one ever heard
The footsteps on the beaches 've been a long time washed away
But I thank you on my honor, I thank you fromm y heart
For the road we went together, fort he time we both could share




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