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Better late than never
I think I'll be ok

Oliver Blume Better late than never



I see th elook in your eyes, you're trying to smile
I see clouds in heaven, you're trying to hide something

The truth is plain, is plain to see
Your smile can't cover broken dreams


And I feel rockets exploiding in my head
A crossfire of my soul, cruise missiles are striking heart and brain
It's closing time, I can't believe it, bravely I bow down my head
And all I say is: I think I'll be ok

You try to make is somehow easy
Try to be careful, you don't want to hurt

You just look at me, roaring silence
Without a word you're saying everything


And I feel rockets...

Summer's over, you want to go now
The bird is leaving before it's getting cold
And I didn't realize that you were just too young
And I, too old

Pretty woman, you're so beautiful, but you're dressed to kill
I watch you leaving, and an empty chair is all that remains
The battle is over, time's standing still
And all I think is: I hope I'll be ok


And I feel rockets exploding...



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