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She packed her things, just what she needs
And those little things that'll hurt too much to leave
Just like a picture of her daughter and a picture of her man
She's goin' to run away

She cried a lot, she's goin' to leave
She doesn't know where she's going to, she doesn't know
Where she will sleep
She doesn't think about what she's doing,
She just leaves it all behind
She's goin' to run away

She burns her boots, her boots, she's, she's going to leave
She doesn't think about what she's doing she just knows now
What she needs and that's
Burn her boots, her boots, she's, she's goin' to leave
And living will be much easier this way

And as she walks, she's looking back
Back to the times when "I love You" wasn't just a phrase
When he still used to touch her, used to give her
The feeling of togetherness, she has to run away

And she remebers all the good things she used to do with him
Then came the times when she could feel
Somebody else was breaking in
She has no chance to make it, no chance to save it
No chance to get him back
It was more than she could bear

The only thing is, she still loves him
And she'll never stop, he will always be in her
He was her life, he was everything,
He was all she had
So she is leaving now her life and herself back




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