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The day has come to say "be careful"
I think we talked about everything
And may be someday we come together
Talking about these days as friends

The day has come to say "it must be"
Two stray cats standing in the rain
Some how we feel we belong together
But stray cats always go alone in the end


You with your hands holding mine
As if you want to hold me back
It cant be right to give our hands
In the hands of someone else

You with your eyes full of hope
With your eyes upon my mouth
As if you wait for something more
That could change it once again

It was so good, it was so good, so good to be with you
It was really good, it was so good, so good to have someone
Fantastic good, it was so good,
A little bit, a little time of love

My little cat you have to go now
Don't turn around, just go ahead
I cant stand it any longer
If you don't leave now it will be too late


You with your hands...




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