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Better late than never
Summer of love

Oliver Blume Better late than never


It's nine o'clock, soon getting warm
I've got a hangover but I think I''m fine
I put my jeans on my shades and run
Into the summer an dthe morning sun

A cappuccion in a street cafe
Just hanging loose, check out the waves
Lifer is a beach and that's aa jamming place
And there's the summer, gonna catch some rays


And I thank God it's summer, summer of love
Thank god it's really summer, summer of love
We'll have a long hot summer, summer of love, of love

Across the boardwalk to the sandy beach
My sun-cream is now all I really need
Easy going, watch the fashion show
And the show-off at the open air muscle shop


And I thank god it's summer...

Happy hour, 2-4-1
I drink Gin Tonic, shake my shirt, have fun
Go night swimming on a starry night
Closing a perfect day in summertime

My soul is surfing in waves of ice-cream
There's a starlet at the beach bar making eyes at me


And I think god it's summer...




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