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Watering a rose
Life with you was always Rock'n'Roll

Oliver Blume Watering a rose  


Today you came to me
With sweaty hands, eyes stuck on me
I knew that there was something on your mind
And said baby tell me what is wrong

And then you turned to me
Saying "Oli please be honest now,
Is it good to be with me,
Are you happy with the life you lead"?
And in front of me is standing all I have
Darling, life with you is really Rock'n'Roll

You say you're not Miss World
You think you're not even beautiful
And you can't understand
That a man like me is loving you
I'm so deeply touched, I fight against my tears
Darling, life with you is always Rock'n'Roll

It was a stony road we went
Thunderstorms attacking us
Our love did then survive
Hand in hand against the world
For that reason we are still together now
Lady, life with you was always rock'n'roll

But you blame yourself
Life could be for me much easier
Without you, with someone else
But can't help, can't let me go

Never let me go
Oh girl it's me who's needing you
I will never want someone else but you

Life with you was always rock'n'roll



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